In addition, plastic cards can be used lots of different ways.

Use these durable and attractive cards for loyalty programs, contact information, VIP badges, photo IDs and more. They can be visual like most business cards, but they can interact with machines in many ways.

With so many possible uses for plastic cards, it makes good sense for businesses to be printing on plastic.

Even though lots of companies don't think about it, there are lots of instances where a company would benefit from Plastic Business Cards use. You can reduce waste and keep used-up cards away from landfills by recycling your old plastic cards. Some PVC cards are biodegradable after four years when they are in contact with soil and composite.

If you are looking for ways to be more eco-conscious, recycled plastic business cards are the way to go.

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  • Print plastic business cards, fundraising cards, plastic customer loyalty cards, custom plastic gift cards membership cards, and much more.

We are a high-quality plastic card printer, specializing in custom card printing in full-color and in clear plastic cards made from durable PVC plastic, not cheap plastic, which you’ll find width other plastic card printing services. Printing on plastic cards takes precision, and we have what it takes.  Our custom plastic card printing services will provide you with high-quality cards, even in shorter runs.

Plastic cards can be ordered with a wide choice of printing options Both small business and national brands agree that we are the premier plastic card printer for providing customer cards that are both affordable and high-quality. PLASTIC GIFT CARDS

Gift Cards Increase sales. Promote your business.

Make gift giving convenient.

Gift cards result in higher sales and fewer product returns.

Promote your brand and stimulate customer interaction while saving money by purchasing wholesale from Plastic Card ID! Gift cards are essential in today’s shopping experience and are one of the fastest-growing segments of the gift industry. Offering a plastic gift card is convenient for your customers and ensures the recipient of your gift card will patronize your business and may even become repeat customers.

Encourage customer loyalty with rechargeable balance gift cards. Custom plastic gift cards are printed with a magnetic strip or bar code on which you apply a dollar value of any amount. You are in total control of the value of the card electronically, generating a renewable balance and creating opportunities for repeat customers, heightened customer loyalty, in-store promotions and cross selling.

Your business will benefit from potential impulse buying and up-selling since customers will be more likely to use the gift card value towards higher-priced merchandise. Since you have an electronically controlled gift card, that means there will be no cash refunds issued against the balance.

Take advantage of the expanding gift card trend!

Big retailers are not the only ones that offer plastic gift cards. Small stores are increasingly adding gift cards as an option, and consumers are increasingly expecting to see them wherever they go. Plastic Card ID provides custom plastic gift cards to huge variety of businesses, big, small, and in between including: grocery, pet and gift stores; boutiques and specialty shops; florists and garden shops; automotive, oil changers and car washes; dentists and chiropractors; health clubs and golf courses; clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops; restaurants and night clubs; and equipment rental stores.

When you trust our company to provide your custom printed plastic cards, you will automatically get top quality unmatched service and exceptional value. Plastic Card ID cards are durable, beautifully designed for your business, and priced competitively to match your marketing budget.

You can create your own design ahead of time and send it to us, or contact our skilled design team to have them make something with you.

Our custom gift cards can be designed to be compatible with most POS software or service providers.

Order online or call today to learn more about the great options and features Plastic Card ID has to offer.

If you have your own unique ideas for gift card designs, we would love to hear about them.


Do you need high-quality membership cards, VIP cards, or loyalty cards for your customers? This is the right place for you.

Our company is the leader in developing membership cards known to separate you from your competitors.

Our cards are water resistant, durable, and are compatible with many POS and customer management systems.

Give us a call to discuss your specific compatibility requirements, because our friendly staff may already have experience with customers in a similar situation as you. Having a beautiful loyalty membership card helps reinforce your message and branding with your loyal customers. Don’t settle and let just any printer create this valuable marketing tool for your business.

Our commitment to quality and superior designs guarantees your valuable customers will hold onto your expertly made VIP membership cards. CUSTOM MEMBERSHIP CARDS

Create custom membership cards that are user friendly and specific to your business. If you need advice on improving your membership program, we’ll be glad to assist you. Plastic Membership Cards Can Support Your Organization

We provide customized membership cards containing your business’ logo, text, and barcodes for members.

Print membership cards customized at a low cost.

We offer wholesale pricing!

Our company is the authority in crafting membership cards known to separate you from your competitors.

We make durable, water-resistant cards that are compatible with most customer management and POS systems. Having beautiful loyalty membership cards reinforces your branding and message among loyal customers.

You want an industry leader with long experience to create that perfect membership card for you.

Our dedication to quality guarantees your customers will cherish your VIP membership cards. Our custom plastic membership cards are an excellent way to create portable ID cards, discount cards, or VIP cards for your business.

Since we make options such as embossing, barcode printing, variable data printing, and magnetic strips, Plastic Card ID should easily be your customized membership card printer of choice, especially if high-quality club membership cards, customer membership cards at affordable prices is what you desire.

We also offer fulfillment services for all of our plastic cards to save you time, space, and money.

Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to take your order, or you can order your personalized membership cards online. At Plastic Card ID, we print membership cards for organizations and institutions worldwide. PVC CARDS

Blank PVC CR80 Cards


When you want to print your own gift cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, or membership cards, it’s very important to have blank graphics-quality PVC cards to work with.

These cards can be used on photo ID printers such as DataCard, Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, Evolis, or NBS. Standard Blank PVC Cards Standard blank plastic cards are usually made of durable PVC plastic and come in a wide range of forms from the standard CR80 to magnetic strip cards.

PVC cards are great for high-security, multi-functional ID card programs. CUSTOM PLASTIC BADGES Conference Badges & Event Badges

Provide a personalized experience for your attendees with individualized badges.